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Влох Святослав Тарасович

Svyatoslav Vlokh


Welcome to the official web-site of International Dance Sport Association

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of IDSA Presidium I would like to sincerely welcome you on official web-site of IDSA. 

IDSA is created with the aim to develop and popularize sport dances and to achieve these purposes it suggests the format of maximum open participation in all official IDSA competitions. New open format of running official IDSA competitions means that all the competitions are adjudicated only by adjudicators with IDSA International license . Participation in all competitions is open for all interested dance couples. IDSA events always have Prize money for competitors. The membership in IDSA for all organizations and dance couples wishing to join is also open without any restrictions in quantity. 

I express my hope that new open format of conduction of official IDSA competitions will assist development of sport dances on the grounds of general availability, highly qualified estimation and objective definition of competitions results. 

I invite everybody wishing to take part in the work of IDSA and sport dances competitions which are conducted under aegis of IDSA.

Sincerely yours,
Svyatoslav Vlokh
IDSA President



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European Dance Sport Federation

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29-30 June 2024

Sicily Dance Trophy

Catania, Italy



IDSA World Rating System

From 12.05.2024

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22 September 2024

IDSA World Championship

Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland


Trip Organization


Sharing the highlights
of the IDSA European
Championship that
traditionally took place
in Poland within
11-12 May 2024!

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International Dance Sport Association is proud of its members achievements!

Denis Parfyonov & Tetiana Sopit
Professional Dance Couple

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Витяг з протоколу №43 засідання Кабінету Міністрів України вiд 30 березня 2023




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Наказ про деякі питання участі офіційних делегацій
національних збірних команд України
у міжнародних змаганнях з олімпійських,
неолімпійських видів спорту та видів спорту
осіб з інвалідністю від 12 квітня 2023



Welcome to the University!

Higher education in "Physical Culture and Sports"




Ukrainian Shotokan Karate-Do Federation,
member of World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation



In connection with full-scale aggression of Russian Federation (RF) against Ukraine Presidium of International Dance Sport Association (IDSA) has made the following decisions with immediate effect:
1. Remove Russian and Belarusian representatives

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In connection with full-scale aggression of Russian Federation (RF) against Ukraine Presidium of European DanceSport Federation (EDSF) has made the following decisions with immediate effect:
1. Remove Russian and Belarusian representatives...

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Order about amendment
into the List of international Sports federations, to which corresponding All-Ukrainian sports federations are members

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